Thursday, December 20, 2012

Visualizing in Kindergarten/1st Grades

There is and will be a lot of visualizing work happening in Kindergarten and 1st Grade with the upcoming poetry units.
I found this very cute poem/song:

If you google it, you will find a lot of blog posts, ideas, etc. There is also music floating around for it if anyone wants to play it.
Here's one link:

It works really well for having children listen, visualize, illustrate on a really simple, concrete level and it's a good starting point.
Green Giant, by Jack Prelutsky is also a good concrete poem to use for visualizing.

This blog post has some great poems, graphic organizers and chart ideas as well.

Here's a Pinterest board with great chart ideas for visualization and making mental pictures:

Do some googling and see what else you find. If you come up with great ideas... SHARE :)

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  1. I've been trying out some visualizing in morning meeting. I'll have the students close their eyes and I'll say a word, such as "snow," "birthday," or "beach." Then, the students will share the image that came to mind when they heard the word. They've been amazed that for each word, they each have a different picture in their mind.