Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Starting Independent Reading in KA

While students had been spending time with books, we hadn't formally introduced what independent reading looks like and sounds like until last week. Amy & I co-taught this lesson, so that I could be the model and Amy could be the teacher. I asked the students to watch me, and either give me a thumbs up, or a thumbs to the side to indicate whether or not they thought I was doing the correct thing. I demonstrated how not to act: looking at the ceiling, talking to a friend, holding the book upside down, yelling the words of the book, etc. Amy was recording what they were saying to show what great independent reading looks like and sounds like.

We then posed the question: What do you do when you are done reading your book? One student modeled for everyone how to finish a book, quietly get up, get a new book, and go back to your spot.

We then talked about how you need your own special space for independent reading; we used poly spots to help the students find a space. We then asked if they thought they could do this for 2 minutes. We decided we were ready to try! After setting the timer, students read the words and the pictures with few reminders until the timer went off. They did so well, we decided to try one more time, when they seemed to feel even more comfortable with the routine. We are excited to build their stamina as the year goes on!

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