Friday, October 11, 2013

Blogging in 1B- A New Approach to Shared Writing

 1B has been doing some very purposeful blogging during our nonfiction unit of study. We have been practicing elements of nonfiction using our 1B Blog to inform our readers and teach them about life in our community. We began with a morning sign in –“Please sign in with a food you eat at school. Draw and label." This was then turned into a list, which we did as a shared writing on our blog. The post was drafted and published on the Smartboard with all of the steps that a blogger follows. Seeing the process before their eyes and then publishing was powerful. The need for a heading was obvious-it stood alone and informed the reader what this entry was about in a very obvious way. Our next entry was a captioned picture of 1B at the park. The blog provided a box for caption -  what could be better. As we continue studying nonfiction elements, we will reach out to the larger world of readers with entries, which show a diagram of our classroom, questions and answers about the 1B day, how to do learning on the rug and mini bios of our Ugly Dolls. Blogging has put a new, very exciting twist on shared writing.

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